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Several basic styles of Transit Safes are available

The Transit Safes offer protection to those who run the risk of criminal attack whilst storing or transporting cash or valuables. This safe is generally fitted with a lid incorporating a rolltop mechanism, allowing cash or valuables to be deposited without unlocking the lid. Alternatively a plain sliding lid is available.

The removable safes are fitted with two high security Camlock Systems locks. One is to remove the safe from the base-plate, the other to give access to the safe itself. Permanently fitted safes are equipped with a single lock, allowing access into the safe. The keys to the safe should be kept at the office and never with the driver.

The keys to the locks may be registered with Camlock Systems as exclusive to the client and may be suited into their Camlock total security system.


Detachable Base
 Roll Top RT31Roll Top with base RT31BIndustrial Standard IS3Heavy Duty Roll Top RTHD5Note Safe CS1Commercial Safe CS2
Detachable BaseN/AStdStdOptStdOpt

Standard Sizes
RT31Roll Top35021546528520026018
RT31BRoll Top with base35021546528520026018
RTHD5Heavy Duty Roll Top43033062036032039028
CS1Note Safe2101552701601402206.5

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