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Standard Key Cam locks
pr-camlock-series21-thumb (4K)

Micro size, 5 disc, 8mm, die-cast cam lock — Series 21

A micro size cam lock with a 5 disc tumbler mechanism that delivers surprising versatility in a body length of just 8mm.

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5 disc, die-cast, ‘Thrifty’ cam lock — Series 9

A range of cam locks offering tremendous value for money and versatility for applications requiring lower security.

Tubular / Radial Pin tumbler Key Cam locks
pr-camlock-series2-thumb (8K)

7 pin, solid brass cam lock — Series 2

The Series 2 range of solid brass cam locks offers good quality and reliability in a conventional 7-pin RPT product.

pr-camlock-series2d-thumb (8K)

7 pin, die-cast cam lock — Series 2D

A range of good quality cam locks utilising a die-cast alloy body in 18mm, 25mm, 30mm lengths and offering excellent value for money.

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