Key Tags

Metal Key tags


These discs come in various sizes and finishes. Once engraved they can be used for key or pet identification. All come complete with hole for easier connection to split ring.

Brass Discs
ProductProduct Code
20mm (3/4") Brass self coloured disc3KT-BR
20mm (3/4") Nickel-plated brass disc3KT-NP
22mm (5/8") Nickel-plated brass disc4KT-NP
25mm (1") Brass self coloured disc2KT-BR
25mm (1") Nickel-plated brass disc2KT-NP
35mm (1.1/4") Brass self coloured disc2KT-BR-1.25
40mm (1.1/2") Brass self coloured disc1KT-BR
40mm (1.1/2") Nickel-plated brass disc1KT-NP
Aluminium Discs
ProductPack SizeProduct Code
35mm (1.1/4") aluminium disc - self colouredBoxes of 1002KT-AL
35mm (1.1/4") aluminium disc - anodised redBoxes of 1002KT-ALR
35mm (1.1/4") aluminium disc - anodised blueBoxes of 1002KT-ALB
35mm (1.1/4") aluminium disc - anodised purpleBoxes of 1002KT-ALP
35mm (1.1/4") aluminium disc - assorted anodised coloursBoxes of 1002KT-ALA

Engraved tags are also also available. CLICK HERE for more information

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