Phone-Bak® Retracting Reel

Phone-Bak® Retracting Reel

Product Code: PBKC

pr-retractable-phone-bak (44K)


The phone-bak® is our most versatile economy retractor. It comes on a display card with a 40mm swivel snap hook ideal for connecting to belt loops, backpack straps or hand bags.

Complete with 600mm (24") black nylon cord which is sprung loaded which will retract back.

Uses include holding:
Memory sticks / flash memory (ideal for students and executives alike), depending on the location of the USB port it can either be left attached to the users belt while plugged in to avoid forgetting it, or if USB port is out of range then it can be quickly snapped on and off of the retractor which can remain on the belt / bag. Attachment hole in memory stick is required.

Mobile phones / compact camera, these can be kept safe by keeping it attached to this retractor while it is in the users pocket. Helps avoid pick pocketing and dropping. Can usually be kept on retractor when in use.

Cards, the cardholder attachment allows the carrying of many types of badge holders or swipe cards for easy use and display.

Small bunches of keys.

ProductProduct Code
Individual Display Card (Minimum order 10)PBKC

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