Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Just a small sample of our vast range of spare parts available for Orion & RST macnines

Spare Parts
    Part No.
Orion machines 25w bulb 200133
Orion machines Mains on/off switch 200131
Orion machines Plain drive belt 200127
150SM (RIGEL) Carriage microswitch 200129
150SM (RIGEL) Microswitch cam spring 200103
150SM (RIGEL) Brush microswitch 200130
150SM (RIGEL) Jaw clamp ratchet handle 200126
350SL (MIZAR)/250L (MERAK) Toothed drive belt 202095
350SL (MIZAR)/  250L (MERAK) Carriage movement handle 202039
350SL (MIZAR)/ 250L (MERAK) Replacement jaw insert 202044
350SL (MIZAR) Top side ward clamp handle 205014
350SL (MIZAR) Bottom side ward clamp handle 207075

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