Locksmiths Accessories - Hardened Drill Bits

Forgemaster Hardplate TCT Tipped Drills

pr-drill-bits (27K)

Specially designed with ground tungsten carbide tip
Particularly suitable for drilling stainless steel and toughened steels
Now widely being used by locksmiths
Half the price of some other TCT Hardplate Drills

Cat. No. Size Description
FF/HP3W 3.0 X 80mm Hardplate TCT Tipped Drill
FF/HP5W 5.0 X 85mm Hardplate TCT Tipped Drill
FF/HP6W 6.0 X 120mm Hardplate TCT Tipped Drill
FF/HP8W 8.0 X 120mm Hardplate TCT Tipped Drill
FF/HP10W 10.0 X 150mm Hardplate TCT Tipped Drill
FF/HP12W 12.0 X 150mm Hardplate TCT Tipped Drill





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