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Locksmiths Files

Locksmiths’ Files.  A high quality range of files specially selected to provide the types, sizes and cuts most useful for locksmiths.

Cat. No   ins cms
Rectangle section file for ward and lever cutters. Multi-purpose key file Permits 90° angle cuts for key combination.
400 Warding Second Cut 4 10
401 Warding Bastard Cut 4 10
402 Warding Bastard Cut 6 15
403 Warding Second Cut 6 15
CKT Warding files come complete with waxed wooden handle
CKT01201 Warding Hand Second Cut 4 10
CKT01202 Warding Flat Second Cut 4 10
CKT01203 Warding Half Round Second Cut 4 10
CKT01204 Warding Round Second Cut 4 10
CKT01205 Warding Square Second Cut 4 10
CKT01206 Warding 3-Square Second Cut 4 10
CKT00836 Round Second Cut with Handle 6 15
Needle Files
CKT01241 Hand 14
CKT01242 Flat 14
CKT01243 Half Round 14
CKT01244 Round 14
CKT01245 Square 14
CKT01246 3-Square 14
CKT01247 Knife 14
CKT01248 Crossing 14





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