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Product Code: B36

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
B22Barbell Padlock 22mm clearance£14.36£11.49
B36Barbell Padlock 36mm clearance£14.71£11.77

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Squire All Terrain

Product Code: ATL

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Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
SQATL11.5" Squire 40mm All Terrain£6.88£6.19
SQATL22" Squire 50mm All Terrain£8.70£7.83

Squire Old English Padlock

Product Code: SQ4B

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Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
SQ4BC-1.51.5" Squire 220 40mm Old English£4.46£4.01
SQ4BC-22" Squire 440 50mm Old English £5.15£4.63
SQ4BC-2.252.25" Squire 660 55mm Old English£7.00£6.30

Squire Leopard Brass Padlock

Product Code: SQLP

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Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
SQLP81.25" Squire 30mm Leopard£1.91£1.72
SQLP91.5" Squire 40mm Leopard£2.65£2.38

Tokoz Guardian Security Padlock

Product code: 0TA1.1

The Guardian padlock is Sold Secure certificated in its own right and comes with six keys and a numbered recall tag for repeat keys if required.

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Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
OTA1.1Tokoz Sold Secure Close Shackle£51.74£41.39

Fire Blanket

The fire blanket offers help putting out dangerous fires within the home or workplace

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
KK100Fire Blanket£14.45£11.56

2-IN-1 Combination Alarm

The perfect alarm for peace of mind. This combination alarm has a loud voice warning system TELLING you if smoke or carbon monoxide has been detected

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
K900-01222-in-1 Combination Alarm£33.92£27.13

Basic Fire Extinguisher

Easy-to-Use, portable Fire Extinguisher for protection from small fires.

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
K100DBasic Fire Extinguisher£7.14£5.71

Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

Small and stylish, white Fire Extinguisher for the kitchen.

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
KKK2DKitchen Fire Extinguisher£9.21£7.37

Vehicle Fire Extinguisher

Easy-to-Use Fire Extinguisher, complete with Velcro bracket for quick and easy installation in the vehicle.

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
KAUTO5FXAuto Fire Extinguisher£11.05£8.84

Basic Smoke Alarm

This alarm provides basic protection for general use.

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
K0915Smoke Alarm - Basic£4.61£3.69

Spiral Combination Cable

Solid vinyl coated super-flex steel cable complete with combination lock.

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
1245C-COMBISpiral Cable Combination Lock 120cm£5.23£4.19

Cable Lock

Cable lock for bicycle complete with 2 keys.

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
240C Bike Cable Lock 58cm£0.89£0.71

'U' Shackle Bicycle Lock

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
1500CU Bicycle Lock£6.12£4.90

Menir Brake Disc Block

Disc brake lock with 11mm case hardened shackle.

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
MDB-18Menir Brake Disc Block£24.54£19.63

Motorcycle Snake Lock

High resistant twisted steel wire covered with plastic.

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
SNAKE-120Motorcycle Snake Lock 120mm£7.79£6.23

“CEPPO” Security System

Pick proof 8 disk cylinder protected by hardened alloy steel plate.

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
1600CCEPPO Security Systems£24.90£19.92

Spere Automatic Disc Block

New disc block automatic system.

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
SDB-50Sphere Automatic Disc Block12.499.99

Coiled Cable Lock

Steel coil coated with solid coloured plastic. In plastic bag with 2 keys.

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
1245C-120Cable Lock 120cm£1.78£1.42

Bike Lock Security System

Case hardened and zinc plated square link chain with black fixed nylon sleeve.

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
BL6-60/PBike Lock Security System 60cm£12.78£10.23
BL6-90/PBike Lock Security System 90cm£14.58£11.66

Motor Block Security System

Square link security chain 19MnB4 steel.

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
MB10-90/PMotor Block Security System 100cm (Nylon Sleeve)£31.70£25.36
MB10-150/PMotor Block Security System 150cm (Nylon Sleeve)£39.38£31.50

Hi Tech Square Link Security Chain

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
HT5-120High Tech Packaged Square Link Security Chain 120cm£5.06£4.05
HT7-120High Tech Packaged Square Link Security Chain 120cm£9.71£7.77
HT8-150High Tech Packaged Square Link Security Chain 150cm£12.81£10.25
HT10-150High Tech Packaged Square Link Security Chain 150cm£19.94£15.96

Super Flex Security Chains

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
5-60Superflex Palstic Covered Chain 5-60cm£1.71£1.37
5-90Superflex Palstic Covered Chain 5-90cm£2.54£2.03
7-60Superflex Palstic Covered Chain 7-60cm£3.11£2.49
7-90Superflex Palstic Covered Chain 7-90cm£4.67£3.74
7-120Superflex Palstic Covered Chain 7-120cm£6.24£4.99
7-150Superflex Palstic Covered Chain 7-150cm£8.60£6.88
10-90Superflex Palstic Covered Chain 10-90cm£8.40£6.72
10-120Superflex Palstic Covered Chain 10-120cm£8.96£7.17
10-150Superflex Palstic Covered Chain 10-150cm£11.21£8.97

Yale 3m Flexible Heavy Duty
Steel Cable

Product Code: PCBL15/3/1

Part NumberDescriptionWasNow
PCBL15/3/1Yale 3m Flexible Heavy Duty£26.29£19.95

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