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Choosing the right key ring for you requirements or application can be a daunting task especially with the extensive range of key rings that we stock. So we have put together some helpful hints to give you some guidance.

Split rings

These are the probably the most traditional key ring and have stood the test of time with some variations added over the years. So which size should you go for, as sizes range from just 12mm up to 50mm? By far the most common size is the 25mm (1"), typically use on to connect keys together. The 12mm split rings are often used to connect identification discs to other split rings and are even used to create imitation chain mail for battle enactment societies.

Larger split key rings can obviously be used to carry larger amounts of keys but as the thickness of the split ring metal increase as the overall size increases it is sometimes necessary to connect keys on to a separate ring before attaching them. Larger split rings are also commonly used for attaching swatches together.

The standard split rings we do are the SKR and 7052. These are nickel plated tempered steel. The nickel plate gives a good degree of corrosion resistance and steel gives them strength. They are tempered which makes the steel more 'springy'. So it goes back to its original shape after you pull it apart to thread something on. After repeatedly pulling the rings apart regularly over time its 'springiness' will be reduced.

The difference between the SKR and 7052 split rings are the SKR are more tempered and the dimensions are measured from the inside of the ring. The 7052 are measured from the outside. The 7052's are available at a very competitive bulk price in bulk packs of 1000. Ideal if you need large quantities.

We have expanded our range to include Stainless Steel split rings, which due to their rust proof qualities, are commonly used in fishing and are available in three sizes. Then we have also have brass plated, black and assorted colours in the most common sizes (around 25mm-30mm).

The flat split rings are very attractive and strong often found on handbags attached to bag charms. They are quite stiff to pry apart which make them strong but bare this in mind when you think about how far you would have to pry it apart to put you item on. Corrugated split rings can also be supplied as another variation.

Finally we have 25mm Tang rings / G rings that although are slightly weaker than standard split rings they are a lot more easy to attach to keys.

Binder rings

Binder rings are a relatively new development over the last few years but are rapidly growing in popularity. Keyosk stocks a range of sizes (measured from the inside diameter), 20mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm and 64mm. Binder key rings are still basically a round nickel plated steel key ring but have a riveted hinged which allows them to be opened wide. The connecting end has a strong interlocking clasp.

The binder rings have a number of applications including as an alternative to split rings to hold keys together. Binder rings can also be see in a number of every day places some of these include. Holding menu cards in restaurants, connecting special offer bar code cards onto tills at supermarket checkouts, connecting laminated sheets together, attached to price and information tags to items such as push chairs and connecting swatches together.

Large Threaded Binder rings

The largest standard binder ring is 64mm, if however you need a larger rings or perhaps you want a stronger connector we have some Jailer rings or large pull apart key rings that may be suitable. Firstly we have the large (150mm) threaded binder ring (part no. 80/15) which have a riveted joint much like the smaller binder rings but to connect the end together it has a very secure threaded joint.

This is very popular as a display ring due to its nice nickel-plated finish or even large bunches of keys. However, as the main ring is 5mm thick, the connector 7mm and the hinge 8mm will mean you will need to put rings on separate rings before threading them on. Larger swatches like carpets would also need adequately sized holes.

Large jailer rings

These large nickel-plated key rings are available in 2 sizes, 90mm and 120mm (80/9 & 80/12). Highly sprung with a very sturdy clasp. Ideal for large bunches of keys but the connecting end is 10mm so keys will need to be on separate rings first. These are another popular display ring for places like trade fairs.

Large Pull Apart Key Rings

These are not plated which gives a dull finish. Unique tension closure sleeve permits the ring to lock together. Think of it like a Chinese finger puzzle, the more tension placed on it the stronger it becomes. Ideal for have large bunches of keys attached, as the metal is only 3mm thick the keys can be threaded on directly. Supplied in 3 sizes, 90mm, 115mm and 150mm in packs of 5 (74305, 74405, 74605).


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